The French élégance

An essential aesthetic addition that not only fits easily in your home but makes a bed “your bed”, and one in which you can identify yourself with. We can either advise you or help you design your own dream model.
Entirely handmade in our workshops

Handcrafted fabrication

Each headboard requires the joint effort of three workshops: carpenter, upholsterer and couture. Made from a strengthened poplar wood frame and covered with a stylish insulating and quilted frontal layer of fibrefill know as “la pelote” (ball), it is initially shielded in soft canvas, then dressed with the material of your choice.


Lit National headboards are of rock solid resistance thanks to the care shown to both the materials used and the fabrication process. You can see for yourself by weighing one of our headboards along side any large-scale industrial headboard. The difference is colossal.

Headboards with removable covers

Made from soft canvas, the cover of your choice is generally fixed to the headboard with Velcro and a zip. The washable nature of the material as well as the present fashion towards removable covers make this type of headboard more time-resistant. Notwithstanding, there is still the option of treating the material with an anti-stain product.

Oversized headboards.

For certain larger models, as for all ramp headboards, it is advisable to choose an “oversized” headboard, in other words a slightly bit bigger than the bed base. As such, the headboard is also on full display for you to enjoy.


The headboards are generally fixed to the bed with two or more runners, depending on the model. Consequently, they are easily removable. They can also be screwed in the case of non-standard models. Our headboards are adaptable to any pre-existing bedding of a reasonable standard.

Dosseret droit

• Angle vif

• Pan coupé

• Angle arrondi

• Bord arrondi

Dosseret de style

• Louis XIII

• Louis XV

• Louis XVI

• Galbé

Dosseret de rêve

• Demi-lune

• Pagode

• Incurvé

• Florentin